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The nose shows this Tenuta di Tavignano white wine all kinds of quinces, nashi pears, apples and pears. As if this were not already impressive, full nut chocolate, roasted almond and crispy are added due to the stainless steel expansion.

This white from Tenuta di Tavignano is just right for all connoisseurs who like as little residual sugar as possible in the wine. However, it never proves sparse or brittle, as one can of course expect with a wine in the upscale price entry. Light-footed and complex, this dense white wine is on the palate. Villa Torre Verdicchio is wonderfully fresh and lively on the palate thanks to its fruity acidity. In the finish, this white wine from the Marche wine-growing region finally inspires with good length. There are again echoes of quince and nashi pear. In the reverberation, mineral notes of the soils dominated by limestone and clay are added.

Vinification of Villa Torre Verdicchio of Tenuta di Tavignano

This elegant white wine from Italy is vinified from Verdicchio grape variety. The grapes grow under optimal conditions in the brands. Here the vines dig their roots deep into soils of clay and limestone. When the perfect physiological maturity is ensured, the grapes for the Villa Torre Verdicchio are harvested exclusively by hand without the help of coarse and less selective full harvesters. After harvesting, the grapes reach the winery in the fastest way. Here you will be selected and carefully broken up. This is followed by fermentation in a stainless steel tank at controlled temperatures. After its end, Villa Torre Verdicchio can continue to harmonize on the fine yeast for 3 months.
Food recommendation for Villa Torre Verdicchio of Tenuta di Tavignano

Experience this white wine from Italy best chilled at 8 – 10°C as an accompanying wine with spaghetti with caper tomato sauce, vegetable salad with red beetroot or spaghetti with yogurt mint pesto.

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