In the barrels of our cellar in Lontué, in the Curicó Valley, the story of Caballo Loco is born.

The best reserves of old harvests of our wines were kept in them. But in 1994, fate led them to mix, giving rise to a unique and singular specimen. A wine that mixes red and blend, unprecedented in the history of Chilean viticulture and unpublished until then in South America.

It was baptized Crazy Horse and secretly sent to one of the most important world wine competitions in France, obtaining the first places in its category.

The origin of Cavallo Loco Wine
Caballo Loco has no vintage, denomination of origin or specific valley. This is a wine inspired by the energetic personality of its founder, Jorge Coderch, who, breaking the rules of Chilean wine, in 1994 presented the No. 1 edition of a unique specimen, with an indomitable character and full freedom.