We take our inspiration (and name) from the animal Lynx. Elegant and dapper, our Mr Lynx is a wild soul who has discovered the perks of living in urbanity — a place that also has great wine at a great price. And if there is anything that he has learnt in life it’s that: Great taste is always right.

It sounds self-evident. But if it was, we wouldn’t have to do talk about it so much, right? Because you don’t have to be pretentious just because you have a complex taste. Other wine brands match heavy flavors with an equally difficult language. We are just as rich in taste, only confident enough to keep a light approach. We don’t want to be for just a few. We want to be for those with good genes, or really good jeans. For those who eat sun-dried dates, or simply go on Sunday dates. Simply put we want to be for all those who enjoy really good wine. So that’s what we are on a mission to show you – to twist the idea of who, where and with what our wines should be paired with. Because great taste is always right.