In 2016, after many years of making wines for others, I realized that it was time to embark on a personal project. One of the aims of this first wine was to counter the idea that only someone with a lot of money can make wine and put it on the market. I created a crowdfunding, a pre-sale that allowed me to finance the project in full, I was financed by final consumers, whom I call patrons, to whom I sold bottles at a lower price to compensate for the risk.

In the first two harvests I had only one wine, in small quantities. 2300 bottles in the 2016 harvest and 2700 in the 2017 harvest. The objective was to create a brand and identity before increasing the quantity or finding commercial partners to justify the increase in production. The 2018 harvest saw the birth of around 5000 bottles of three references.

This project uses only national varieties. It is the vision of a Portuguese winemaker on Portuguese wines made with Portuguese grape varieties. The attempt to prove that using only what is ours we can do world class things.