The Domaine Savary is ideally located, around an hour and a half from both Paris and Dijon. It was founded in 1984, the fruit of a happy union between two of the oldest and most venerable Chablis wine-making families.

Francine Savary, originally from Villy, brought with her vineyards and two centuries of family expertise. With her proud heritage, she won the heart of a young vigneron by the name of Olivier Savary.

The Savarys of Maligny (a village neighbouring Villy) also included many vignerons among their number, but the tradition briefly skipped a generation as Olivier’s parents decided not to go into the family business. Domaine Savary wines have been served at the highest tables in France for many years.

To manage that heritage, Francine et Olivier Savary needed a commensurate structure, and that is why the Domaine Savary now has 1,500 m² of facilities dedicated to his wine-making activity.oday, the Domaine Savary produces some 200,000 bottles of Chablis every year and exports to 12 international markets (the United States, Russia, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia).

The Domaine Savary is committed to methods worthy of its illustrious heritage, and wherever possible this means using meticulous techniques such as sorting tables and gravity-fed harvesting to produce juice of the very highest quality.

Our winery is certified Terra Vitis since 2019.