Since 1921, Moncigale wines have been an ode to Provence’s rosés. This is a passion shared by our winemaker.
Our know-how with regard to the meticulous selection of plots has been recognized in Provence for over 100 years. The approach begins with the study of how the vine performs in different types of soils, whether the soil is best adapted to the grape variety planted there, and the impact of the vintage and of viticultural methods on the quality of the grapes, which enable us to identify the best plots with great precision. Furthermore, Villa Moncigale was the historical ambassador for Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence wines, for which it represented over 25% of the appellation’s production.

For generations now, we have fostered close yet demanding relationships with cooperative wineries and wine cellars around the Sainte-Victoire mountain.