Gran Alanis Treixadura Godello


Grape: Treixadura, Godello
Alcohol: 12.5%

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On the mouth emphasizes the pear, the apples and the flowers. It presents the typical freshness of Treixadura with a fitted acidity and perfectly well-balanced with the body wine. It is freshness. tasteful and complexe.

On its label, a woman represents an allegory of the land of Galicia, with the Miño river flowing by. In either hand she holds Treixadura and Godello, the grape varieties with which we produce this Ribeiro wine. This wine is the result of an exceptional climate and landscape; it is also a reflection of the craftsmanship of a legendary wine-making tradition combined with state of the art technology.

Treixadura and Godello varieties from the D.O. Ribeiro, it presents a clean and bright wine, with golden yellow colour and greenish hues.
On the nose is elegant, delicate and complexe, with spice and exotic aroma of stone fruits.
Without a doubt, the perfect complement in all occasions and for the most delightful palates.