The first records of the Carvalho Rovisco Garcia family in the Avis county date back to the 17th century. That’s the Where and the When behind the brand RG Rovisco Garcia.

Late last century, in 1998, Francisco and António José de Almeida Garrett receive from their mother Maria Antónia de Carvalho Rovisco Garcia the legacy of so many generations. It all comes down to the responsibility of taking care of the lands and all that grows from them.

Some call it the High Alentejo and some refer to it as the Northern Alentejo. But there’s no doubt or indefinition whatsoever about the character of its landscape, made unique by vast cork oak forest. The region ranks together with the likes of the Amazon rainforest, the African savanna, the Andes, and Borneo, as one of 35 world hotspots of biodiversity.