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Grape: Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier
Alcohol: 12%

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Just like its red counterpart, now blended from Grenache and Pinot noir, our Viognier-Sauvignon is something of an oddity in the world of wine because the two grape varieties are rarely paired. The grapes for the white Little James’ Basket Press are picked fairly early on to preserve freshness and aromatic complexity and the result is a lovely white for any occasion, a wine for pleasure and pleasure only. The Viognier, that comes from a great massal selection, grows on limestone. It needs the freshness of the Sauvignon that comes from granite mountain areas where it can fully ripen yet stay low in alcohol. The wine never exceeds 12.5% ABV and that is a goal I set myself every year. 2020 was quite a hot, dry year. Dry weather is good for whites, particularly Sauvignon because it delivers a lot of aromatic intensity. However, due to the heat, we have to pick fairly early. This tiny window leaves no room for error and anticipation is key. Drink this wine as an aperitif, with grilled fish, Provencal vegetables or alternatively with seafood.
Candied lemon, tropical fruits, boxwood, mango.”