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Avinyó Merlot


Grape: Merlot
Alcohol: 13%

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Wine Details

Cherry colour with violet tones, a generous, intense nose of typical Merlot aromas, with herbaceous and red fruit notes. Ample in the mouth, with excellent sweet tannins that open up towards fruity notes, rich spice nuances that evolve towards a persistent and very pleasant finish.

Can Fontanals. Vines planted in 1985, with an average yield of 8,500 kg/ha. Deep, well-drained soil with a silt loam texture, very permeable and with good water retention capacity. Guarantees a healthy and balanced harvest, even in years of extremely dry conditions.

We came out of one of the poorest harvests in recent decades due to a year 2020 with a lot of mildew caused by excessive rain. From that December onwards there was a radical change, with the rainfall ceasing completely. Until the beginning of the harvest, only 163 l/m2 fell, much less than usual. This dry spell and the moderate spring temperatures made for an easy and relaxed agricultural year, only requiring one preventive treatment for mildew. The flowering of the different varieties was perfect, and a very good harvest was predicted, although meagre due to the lack of rain. It began normally and we were pleasantly surprised. We had expected less quantity and higher alcohol content, due to the low rainfall, a year of higher sugar concentration and lower yields, but this was not the case. In short, a very balanced harvest.