Terms and conditions

  1. Alcoholic beverages available for sale in Prime Wine online store can only be purchased by people who are of legal age to do so in their country of residence.
  2. Information about the various products available in Prime Wine’s online store, such as their description, image and other characteristics can be changed without notice.
  3. All prices shown in the Prime Wine online store can be modified without prior notice and are always subject to possible stock outages.
  4. As described in the current Portuguese legislation, Prime Wine is obliged to add the value of VAT at the legal rates of 6%, 13% and 23% for all its products. Prices advertised on Prime Wine’s online store always includes VAT. The deduction of the VAT amount can be made for public or private companies as long as they are legally registered in a European Union country.
  5. If Prime Wine is unable to deliver a total or partial delivery of a customer’s order, the customer will be contacted immediately, so that the money can be returned or a mutually acceptable solution reached.
  6. The promotions offered in the Prime Wine online store may differ from the promotions applied by our sales team or consultants.
  7. Prime Wine, does not accept the return of orders, unless the wine is faulty.
  8. Free deliveries are only for orders from Mainland Portugal.