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Tschida Gruner Veltliner


Grappes: Grüner Veltliner
Alcohol: N/A
0,375 l

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Wine Details

If you give him some air in the wine glass by swiveling, this dessert wine is characterized by an incredible brilliance, which makes him dance alive in the glass. This varietal Austrian wine flatters in the glass wonderfully expressive notes of star fruits, gallia melon, physalis and mango. In addition, there are hints of cocoa bean, cinnamon and black tea

Angerhof Tschida Yellow Muscat Ice Wine reveals an incredibly fruity taste on the palate, which of course is also due to its residual sweet taste profile. On the tongue, this light-footed dessert wine is characterized by an incredibly dense texture. With its lively fruit acid, the Yellow Muscat Ice Wine on the palate reveals itself fantastically fresh and lively. The final of this dessert wine from the Burgenland wine-growing region, more precisely from Lake Neusiedl, finally convinces with a remarkable reverberation. The finish is also accompanied by mineral facets of the soils dominated by sand and black earth.

Vinification of Angerhof Tschida Yellow Muscat Ice Wine

This dessert wine clearly focuses on one grape variety, namely Yellow Muscat. For this wonderfully elegant varietal wine from Angerhof Tschida, only first-class harvests were brought in. In Burgenland the vines that produce the grapes for this wine grow on soils of sand and black earth. The Yellow Muscat Ice Wine is an Old World wine through and through, because this Austrian breathes an extraordinary European charm, which clearly underlines the success of wines from the Old World. The maturation of the grapes for this wine from Yellow Muscat is influenced to a very large extent by the climate of the growing region. In Burgenland, the grapes thrive in a rather cool climate, which is reflected, among other things, in particularly long and uniform grapes and a rather moderate must weight. After the harvest, the grapes arrive at the press house in the fastest way. Here you are selected and gently ground. This is followed by fermentation in a stainless steel tank at controlled temperatures. After the end of the fermentation, the Yellow Muscat Ice Wine can continue to harmonise on the fine yeast for several months.

Food recommendation for the Yellow Muscat Ice Wine from Angerhof Tschida

This Austrian dessert wine should best be enjoyed moderately chilled at 11-13°C. It goes perfectly with pear-lime strudel, banana trifle in glass or coconut kephir cream

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