The Gallo-Romans planted the first vine in Urville around 2,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until 1152 that Saint Bernard, founder of the Clairvaux Abbey, had our cellars built into the land.

Seven centuries later (in 1808), the Drappier family estate was established around the magnificently preserved medieval Abbey. Today, it is managed by Michel Drappier and is used to store and age the exceptional wines he produces.

We planted our vineyard in Urville, the terroir that welcomed the Pinot Noir grape variety that now “runs in our veins” and we manage it according to organic and natural practices.

Our vineyards are like family archives that perpetuate our history. We grow heirloom grape varieties that deserve to be remembered: Fromenteau, Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Blanc Vrai. While many seek to achieve sophisticated excellence, we prefer natural and authentic qualities. We also highlight the many facets of our terroirs through our vinification techniques: our low sugar dosage and moderate use of sulfites – especially in the production of Drappier Brut Nature Sans Soufre.